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  1. Riding horses is a dangerous and subjective sport that can cause critical bodily injury and even death.  User’s of this website acknowledge this risk and shall hold harmless: Sapphire Ridge, Inc,, Sapphire Ridge Staff and owner, Multimedia Designs, LLC and The Flintridge Riding Club,  from any injuries or losses resulting information presented on this site.

  2. Sapphire Ridge, Inc does not represent legally or implied, the Flintridge Riding Club, Flintridge Riding Club staff, Flintridge Riding Club, Board of Directors or Flintridge Riding Club membership requirements.  All communications about boarding, facility use or access should be referred to the Flintridge Riding Club at +1.818.952.1233.
  3. The safety of the rider AND the horse is a paramount importance.  

  4. Persons under the age of 18, need to gain parental or guardian approval PRIOR any contact with Sapphire Ridge, Inc.
  5. All Safe Sport Requirements, as outlined by the United States Equestrian Federation, aka US Equestrian, shall be observed by all parties.
  6. Definition of “minor” are individual who by their birth date are under the age of 18.  As such, Legal guardians or parents  of  minors, according to the laws of the State of California, United States of America,  no matter what residency, are held responsible for all communications.
  7. All legal issues shall be resolved in the State of California, Country of Los Angeles and City of Los Angeles, CA.

Sapphire Ridge, Inc
Created September 2020

Further Information

Sapphire Ridge, Inc association with Flintridge Riding Club

Sapphire Ridge Inc, aka Sapphire Ridge and, is a independent incorporated business, that is located on the Flintridge Riding Club property.  Sapphire Ridge, Inc. has no association with the daily operations or business management of the Flintridge Riding Club property.  Please contact Flintridge Riding Club at +1.818.952.1233 for facility business information.

Sapphire Ridge, Inc – Incorporated in the State of California.